Monday, September 28, 2015

Newfangled 7 Happened a While Ago and Who's Reading at Newfangled 8

So being the poor blogger that I am, I have taken way too long to write a post about what happened at Newfangled 7 back in August. I have no photos from the evening; I think I may need to start taking at least a few photos of each reader at future Newfangleds. I just get so into the readings that taking photos is not on my radar at all. Anyway, I've also already deleted the photos that each of the readers had previously provided for publicity stuff. My solution to not having photos of the readers is to insert the image, created by Greg Newton of the Bureau of General Services--Queer Division, that was used on the Facebook invite and anywhere else the reading was publicized. It's a combination of all of the readers, along with all of the info regarding the reading. And here it is:

Ignore the man on the far left. Focus on the three younger gentlemen.

We went in alphabetical order so Ricardo Hernandez read first. He was much too modest in discussing his work prior to reading each poem. Reading and hearing his work, it becomes very evident why he was chosen to be included in the Emerging Poets Fellowship at Poets House and as a Lambda Literary Fellow in 2014. Check out his work here,, and here, Ricardo is super talented, and I personally am looking forward to reading more of his work in the future.

Joshua Kleinberg read second. His work tends to go darker, yet he is full of humor when speaking between the poems and even at times within the poems. He leaves me wanting to read a full collection of his work ASAP; let's make this happen people. Here's two places where you can read his work: and Check out his Tumblr page here:

The final poet of the evening was Tommy Pico. I've seen Tommy read twice before and knew that I absolutely had to invite him to read at Newfangled. I was thrilled that he agreed to do it. He simply slayed the audience as always. His voice is tremendous and necessary. If you haven't seen him read, you MUST. Check out some of his work online: and Check out his Tumblr page here:

Reading at NEWFANGLED 8 on Saturday, November 14, at 7:00 p.m. at the Bureau will be PETER LABERGE, ANDRINIKI MATTIS, and ANGEL NAFIS. I can't wait!