Friday, December 19, 2014

Newfangled 4 Photos & Jonathan, Issue 7

I'm finally posting photos of Newfangled 4 that I took from the Bureau of General Services--Queer Division's Facebook page. The event happened way back in early November but I got damn sick for like two weeks from mid-November through Thanksgiving. So anyway, here were are. This Newfangled seemed to be the most crowded one yet, which is fantastic. And it was an intense evening all around. I started things off reading Walta Borawski's poem "Cheers, Cheers for Old Cha Cha Ass"--one of the best poems ever! If you've never read any of Borawski's work, you must check it out, although his books are probably out of print and hard to find, I'm sure it's possible to find used copies online. Some of his poems are also anthologized in books that are still in print. Anyway, here is a photo of me reading the poem, in which I look a bit disturbed:

And then the first reader of the evening was Nick Comilla, a fellow graduate of the MFA in Creative Writing Program at the New School. Of course he just got his MFA last year and I got mine way back in 1999. Nick was taking slugs off a bottle of whisky he had in his pocket during his reading. I can identify with needing a stiff one before getting up in front of a crowd to read; the whole thing seemed fitting, and he did a kick-ass job.

Nick Comilla

And here's a photo of some of the crowd from that evening. It was a full house, as the BGSQD put it on their FB page:

The second reader of the evening was Jameson Fitzpatrick. It was a delight to finally meet Jameson in person. He had previously written a small review of my book for Next magazine, so it was nice to thank him for that in person. And he's already had poems published in Poetry magazine. Watch out world. Of course I accidentally introduced him as Adam to one of the owners of the Bureau, confusing his name with Adam Fitzgerald. I immediately apologized, and Jameson informed me that it happens all the time. I definitely said the correct name when I introduced him later that evening. And then he slayed the crowd.

Jameson Fitzpatrick

And the final reader of the evening was Christopher Soto, who was also a total delight to meet in person. Christopher got up there and continued to slay the crowd. My head was completely blown off. 

Christopher Soto

If you missed Newfangled 4, I recommend following these three fellows and seeing them read wherever that may be. There was a reason I asked each of them to read that evening, and they made it very clear why the invites were much deserved. It was a fantastic way to end the series for 2014.

I am planning on continuing Newfangled in 2015. I am already planning the fifth reading for February. I'll announce it once I confirm my third reader for the event. 

And now in another direction, Issue 7 of the queer male short-fiction journal Jonathan by Sibling Rivalry Press and edited by Raymond Luczak was released on December 18. I actually have a short story, titled "Lunch," in this new issue of the journal. I don't write much fiction, so it was exciting to get the story published and a nice way round out my publications for 2014. Here are the front and back of the cover. You can see the other writers who share the pages of this issue with me listed on the back cover. Go to to order a copy. 

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