Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Battle of . . .

So the title of the sixth poem in Purpose and Devil Piss, my first full-length collection that is available for pre-order on the Sibling Rivalry Press website here or on Amazon, is called "The Battle of . . ." And ending a sentence with a poem title that ends with an ellipses is really a pain in the ass; I believe one does not add a period. I have to get out my Chicago Manual of Style for this one.

I am fairly certain that I wrote this poem on my lunch break at work. I was working at Prentice Hall School as a production editor, doing all of the copyediting and proofreading in-house. I worked on middle-school and high school textbooks. The first book I worked on there was a world history textbook. In the seven years I worked at the place, I gained a lot of knowledge, sort of a reeducation. It's unfortunate that I only remember every tenth or so tidbit of information that got stuck in my head. At the time that I wrote this poem, I was sitting in a cubicle. Eventually I was given an office, which fucking rocked. I was in an office for like the last five years I worked there. There were no windows, but that was totally fine--because there was a door and walls.

I don't have much more to say about this poem except that I've always felt it was one of my more successful poems. And a coworker of mine, who was (and still is) a dear friend (who I don't speak to often enough), did actually walk out of the office building on a very sunny day holding an open umbrella because he claimed he didn't want the sunlight hitting him. This friend is a crazy talented writer in his own right, and he and I used to work on a prose project called "Him," in which we began this story about this rotten old man who worked at a textbook publishing company and had an overweight, chain-smoking, foul-mouthed ex-wife and a bisexual, suicidal, drug-addicted delinquent teenage son. It's a real laugh riot. Maybe one of these days we'll continue "Him" and finish it. I should ask my friend if he'd mind if I post some of it here. I think it eventually deserves an audience.

I have to flee now.

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