Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Phantasm and The Brood are two of my favorite horror movies ever. Both have provided fond memories from my childhood. Find out why in the first poem in my book Purpose and Devil Piss, now available for preorder on the Sibling Rivalry Press site here and on Amazon here

Both of these films were released in 1979.

The Brood features a little girl being attacked by child-sized monsters wearing puffy hooded body suits.

I was either four or five years old when my father took me to see this movie. I enjoyed it.

Phantasm also features people being assaulted by child-sized monsters wearing hoods, but they are not the same creatures. The main villain is the Tall Man. He scared the shit out of me when I saw this movie. I was either four or five when I saw this one too. Again, my father thought it was a good idea. I was freaked out but I still liked it.

All of this in 1979, the year I started kindergarten.

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